Heath Hoops Awards Night 2016

  • August 24, 2016

Heath Hoops Awards Night Speech

Thursday 28th July 2016

Welcome to the Heath Hoops Awards evening – thank you all for coming

We have several awards to give out tonight and lots to celebrate as a Club. The Club has had a successful year, with Hawks and Hurricanes both gaining 3rd place in the recent Wavell League and Harriers winning Division 5.

We have revamped our Website with the fantastic help of Emily. Thank you. This in turn put the Club at the top of the search list. We have several enquiries and new players joining since the end of the Winter season in April.

During trials we nearly 40 ladies take part over 4 weeks and from there selected 33 to form our Summer League long squads.

The summer saw ups and downs with players leaving – Jess Storey, Elissa Harvey & Harriet Kilduff. We are welcoming several new members, Emma Reddie, Rebecca Cooper, Rebecca Clark, Laura Swain, Cat O’Shaughnessy, Fran Gladstone, Melissa Munday, Nicola Carrig. (Hope I have not missed anyone!)

Jodi, the chair of Hoops, was unable to come tonight, she sent message this morning stating “she was sad that she was missing it…” We miss her tonight, she has been a great chair, stepping into the seat when Charlii left the club in February. I would like to thank the Committee as well for all the support and organisation they have put into the club. Can we please raise a glass to everyone at the club and the current Committee.

Congratulations this season to members of Hoops who have had babies – Judith, Lorraine and Rachel.

We have had some excellent news this week – after spending a long time looking for assistance purchasing our new netball kit we have had an offer of assistance from Simeous – I am sure that you have all read your emails and are getting the tape measure out – I really need you to give me size and length you require for your dresses as soon as possible, ideally by Wednesday 3rd August so that we can order and get them in time for our 1st games on the 12th & 14th September.

I am sure that you all want to start the buffet, before that though we have several awards to give out.

Harriers Division 5 Winners

Having won Division 5 this season – 14 games played, 2 losses, Goals for 553, Goals against 308 scoring total of 62 points out of possible 70 – we have presentation to all of the team: Lancy Juckes – Captain, Emily Graham, Lauren Pestell, Hannah Garriock, Emma Dell, Jodi Boys, Natalie White, Shirley Eason and Rachel Du Toit (although told us after 1st couple of games she was off to have a baby!) Please come and collect your trophy. Well done everyone!

Now to go to Lesley – we have the awards for Most Improved Player and Coaches Player – these are nominated by the Coaches (Lesley, Jill and myself). LESLEYS AWARDS

Players Player Trophies

I have now the pleasure of presenting the Players Player trophies which are voted for by each team member:

Heath Hoops Hawks

  • She’s worked really hard this season – she always gives the game and the team 100% and has a great attitude to playing and to team spirit. Also, she’s stepped up to the challenge of goal defence and has done brilliantly.
  • she is always very positive during matches her head never goes down, she gives 110% every time and she keeps everybody in the team going
  • she is always up for every game and brings a positive, want to win energy. She’s had some great games this season and I always enjoy playing with her.

STEPHANIE LEIGH is Hawks Players Player

Heath Hoops Harriers

  • Shows great commitment and perseverance in both training and in games. Is a cool head and supportive as well
  • Has developed an excellent relationship with myself and is able to accept changes in positions to better the performance of team and help a fellow team mates enjoy their game as well
  • great team player and supportive throughout
  • improving always and great listener
  • She listened to every guidance that I had to give and tried so hard every time she played
  • She was consist every time she played and can guess that she did not get promoted to Hawks this season because the competition for Defence players was so great

EMILY GRAHAM is Harriers Players Player

Heath Hoops Hurricanes

  • for improving her amazing stretch, always working hard
  • In my opinion she has improved greatly over the season and it have been great to play in the same team as her.
  • She never lets anything get her down and is always encouraging to her team mates
  • She is always positive and raring to go and brings a calm to the team. I have never heard her complain, and always has something positive to bring to the team.
  • I believe she has also developed massively over this last season and has really shone in the GK position, putting the drills and strategies into effect and mastering them to the best of her ability.
  • She is a pleasure to have on the team and in the defensive third!
  • She’s always really friendly and happy and her head never goes down
  • I feel better when she’s on the court with me

CAROLINE SHENTON-TAYLOR is Hurricanes Players Player

Well done to everyone who has won an award – we have a great season ahead of us – let’s go out and win our Divisions