Heath Hoops Netball Club Coaches

Heath Hoops Netball Club has three Netball Coaches


Lesley Whyte - Heath Hoops Netball Club Coach

Lesley Whyte

Head Coach
Ever since those early playground days I’ve been hooked on netball. Having initially joined a local club called Kebur, at 15 I became part of Farnham Netball Club and have remained loyal to them since 1991 – initially playing shooter and for the last 19 years playing defence. It wasn’t until l became a qualified C award umpire in 2008 that I discovered Heath Hoops and they immediately gave me the coaching bug. I’ve since qualified as a Level 2 Coach and feel incredibly lucky to be able to play a part in helping the Heath Hoops teams develop and progress through the local Wavell League.
Gill Wilkinson Heath Hoops Netball Coach

Jill Wilkinson

Assistant Coach
Jill has been a coach at Heath Hoops since 2012 and brings an excellent and diverse range of coaching skills to the club. Jill is also a member of Farnham Netball club, and plays in defence. Although her talents lie in being able to coach any player in any position.